About project

ART is essential for an artist like Mirela Traistaru, because when you see through colours, the world becomes a great canvas and anything can represent an easel to sustain a future painting.

In theAdd to address book project „the easel” was and is represented by the context of art exhibitions and related events in which Mirela met different artists. And  from the will to form a „community” and to keep the contacts of all the artists she met during the different events, Mirela asked each one of them to send their contact information on the email address „addtoaddressbook”. An interesting idea right from the start that made possible the begining of a complex,unique and endlessproject.

It is COMPLEX because it unifies so many types of talents (92 until now), so many artistic styles, visions, tehniques and cultures (18 countries) and it should be made up another term in order to define the deepness of this artistic action.

UNIQUE because it is exquisite and so creative, as from any ungle you look at, you shall see another image, another painting or another dimension of this project. Another perspective and another meaning. The world we live in is so complex and endless, but in the same time so simple, clear and defined. Unique because it wholifies what is endless, unique because it adapts what is impossible to be adapted. Tastes and preferences can’t be discussed, as the art seen through the eyes of every artist is not something that can be repeated.

ENDLESS because beauty is infinite, because friendship has no boundaries and doesn’t rely on culture, religion, vision, way of thinking, name and style.

Add to address book is an invitation to truth, light, friendship, love for beauty and art.

Add to address book is a new dimension of creation that now fusions and makes wings.

Add to address book is what every being wants: love, unity, life, ideas and colour.

A world full of the endless genius of art. Such a wonderful world that every breath we take should be described through a creative act. A world where we can freely express our inner voice. Because everyone is unique and still we form a whole. And everyone’s uniquness is actually a piece from a puzzle. The puzzle of life, of this whole we are part of.

Here we have the creative Puzzle of the artists united by the love for beauty and by the altruism they express and prove with every piece of art they create.

Because they give us pieces of their souls and of their remarcable thoughts.

A gesture that cannot be enoughly payed back.